ITAD 2019 | “Common Spaces: Sustainability and the Art of Placemaking” Lectures Strengthen Relations between Chinese and Italian Design Sectors

ITAD will hold a lecture titled “Common Spaces: Sustainability and the Art of Placemaking” for an important delegation leaders in Shanghai Real Estate industry, the Shanghai Daning Asset Management Group Co. Ltd. The lecture will take into consideration the following aspects:

  • The Italian approach in supporting the phenomenon of Placemaking for local communities, and the operating methods of relevant management systems in this field of action; 
  • The policies of local governments on constructing social comprehensive sites;
  • The cooperation opportunities between ITAD and Shanghai.

Architect Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli, former Director of Internationalization of the Order of Architects of Rome P. P. C. and of ITAD and Founder of NOS Design, will present some of NOS Design’s latest works, including urban redevelopment projects of Piazza Italia and Piazza Ungheria (Torvaianica), and educational facilities projects such as The Womb Kindergarten, SnoWhite School and St. George’s British International School

Being both an idea and a practical approach to improving a neighbourhood, city or region, placemaking invites to collectively reimagine and reinvent the public spaces as the heart of every community. By strengthening the connection between the people and the places they share and live within, the urban design refers to a collaborative process through which we can design public spaces with the aim of maximizing the shared value.

When you focus on the place and the people who use it, you do everything differently. Consciously. For this reason, placemaking should always be:

  • Community-driven
  • Adaptable
  • Inclusive
  • Context-specific
  • Dynamic
  • Trans-disciplinary
  • Flexible
  • Sociable

The cutting edge of urban and social design no longer has to be where we design spaces aiming to satisfy the public’s desires, but it must be where we become able to incorporate green thinking and sustainability into this spaces.

[Soon updates about date and timing]