ITAD –“Urban Regeneration and Smart Implementation in a Historic City – Case Study Rome”

On the 28th of May, 2018, a private conference, organized by ITAD and Asiapromotion for the Huangpu District Real Estate Development Industrial Corporation, Shanghai (CN) took place in the Department “Urban Planning, Technology and Design (PDTA)” of the Faculty of Architecture of University Sapienza.

The invited speakers and the topics they covered were as follows:

  • Department Director Professor Laura Ricci and Huangpu District Real Estate Development Industrial Co. Deputy General Manager Ms. Zhou Jin. – Institutional welcome
  • ITAD Director Benedetta Gargiulo Morelli – “China-Italy Cultural Synergy in Urban Regeneration”
  • PHd Urban Planner Antonella Galassi – “Presentation of the Department Planning Design and Technology and its Master Degrees”
  • Professor Alessandra Battisti “Valorisation and management of minor Historical centres & Technologies for Small Buildings”
  • Professor Pier Paolo Balbo & PhD. Urban Planner Carlo Valorani “Case study of urban regeneration Tiburtina Hub Project”
  • Professor Carlo Martino, Professor Carmela Mariano, Professor Fabrizio TucciPresentation of the new Master Degrees on “Urban Regeneration & Technology”

The conference finished with discussion on Italian best practices and methodologies to apply for the future Chinese public housing schemes projects in the Huangpu District of Shanghai predicted to happen until 2020.