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A unique group made up of talented students and young professionals that are coming both from Italy and from China have been selected for the Pecha Kucha event that will happen on the 25th January 2014. CONGRATULATIONS!


Let’s get to know each Speaker better….

5Eugenio Aglietti
is an architect and computational designer. After graduating with honors at Sapienza University of Rome in 2010 and working for Studio Busnengo, he is currently a scholarship student of ‘Expert Designer in Emerging Technologies’ IN/ARCH Master in Digital Architecture. Since 2011 he develops a research focusing on computational methodologies and parametric processes in architecture, participating individually in international competitions and following post graduate workshop such as the AA 2012 Rome Visiting School. In 2012 he founded the blog of architecture Arch.etipo di un “libero” professionista and currently collaborates with online magazine TECNNE as contributor.

8Huang Shumin
Graduated from Tongji University , Shanghai.Interested in historical and cultural conservation direction.A planner with 5 years working experience in CAUPD, Shanghai Branch.Attended various levels of planning projects, including multiple avaition area strategic planning, urban design, waterfront landscape planning, regulatory planning, also constantly trying to explore the balance of time and space.

4Zhou Tinghan_Morgan
Hello! I am Zhou Tinghan, a normal college student from Tongji University in Shanghai,and my English name is Morgan,which is also the name of my favorite actor ,Morgan Freeman. Besides,my classmates do not like my Chinese name because it is rare and can’t be written easily.^^ I like telling jokes like that, and I seem to love drawing and lots of when I was a child .Though,I also act like a child now. and I have to admit that it makes me get a wonderful life . For me, it is a great and amazing chance to take part in Pecha Kucha.I am trying to understand the wonderful space and what it take to us.I believe that different space has its so special meaning to people and won’t stop exploring.Thank you!

3Adeline Piel
is a multidisciplinary French designer. Graduated as Architect, she displayed very quickly an interest and curiosity towards different ways of expression and creation in different disciplines (object design, fashion design, photography, etc). After strong experiences as architect in international studios such as Foster + Partners she build up her own architectural practice. Thanks to her knowledge, experience and creativity, she develops personal works combining architecture, photography and design. With her multicultural and multidisciplinary technical know-how she is using photography to capture some architectures, landscapes, “moments of life” along her travels in Europe, Asia and South America. Since 2010, she has participated in some exhibitions and many photo competitions. Often selected as a finalist, she notably won the first prize in the category “Celebration of music and dance” of TPOTY “Travel Photographer of the year” competition.

7Michela Ruggiero
is an architect – holding a degree from Università La Sapienza of Rome – a maker as well as a CEO for M3p Industrial marmi a marble manufacturing business company. In the same University she also received a Masters degree in Gestione del progetto complesso di architettura in 2006.
She took part in the Workshop Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, held by LaN/Live Architecture Network, principally applying 3D modelling on digital fabrication. She has also collaborated with the NGO Architecture without Borders, with a particular interest in recycling and eco-sustainability.
She has worked for 8 years within the construction industry – specifically refurbishment and renovation – where her main duties are system planning, structural planning and supervision.
Recently her main interest has shifted towards the connections between smart materials and architecture, including industrial design. In October 2013 she took part of Maker Faire Europe in Rome, where she successfully exhibited her own project EcoMarbleDesign.

2Aldo Sollazzo
is the director and co-founder of Noumena. He investigates critical issues in architecture, design, and urbanism through various modes, including parametric design, scripting and fabrication.  His studies began at the University of Architecture of Roma Tre, winner of Concrete design competition of 2006. He participated in the Bauhaus of Dessau being his first international experience. Completing his degree  in 2007, he started to work for several firms in Italy as Studio Transit and abroad as Miralles Tagliabue and Nabito. In 2011 he founded Noumena Architecture together with Matteo di Sora. This is the perfect platform to experiment new design strategies that envision a major scientific approach to the profession of architecture. In 2012 decided to apply to the Institute for advanced architecture of Catalunya (IaaC) where he pursued his postgraduate degree on digital fabrication and smart urban strategies.

1Matteo di Sora
is the director and co-founder of Noumena Architecture. He studied at the University of Roma Tre. His professional and synergic collaborations formed his vision of architecture and his approach to research. In 2003 he took part in the Workshop “AquellasCiudadesImposibles” at the EscuelaTécnicaSuperior de Arquitectura in Granada (Spain). In 2004-2005 he collaborates with several emerging firms:  Osservatorio Nomade, 2a+P and IAN+. In 2005 he co-founded the research platform T-SPOON realizing the publication of CARNE FRESCA. In 2006 Matteo started collaborating with several firms in the area of Frosinone focusing in public works, planning and preservation of  a town. In 2011, he founded Noumena Architettura, in collaboration with Aldo Sallazzo.  Matteo has found the perfect opportunity to give a substantial contribute  to his region development thanks to his own skills and experience.

6Li Ximeng (Simon)
is an undergraduate student majoring in Architecture at Tongji University who is set to graduate in 2016 and hopes to learn more about architecture history and drawing expression during his trip to Rome. He will present an urban design work from a studio in Tonji University (Shanghai) of this year.

9Wang Yao
Student at Tongji University (Urban Planning, M.E.) and at Zhejiang University (Urban Planning, B.E. ). I studied OVERSEAS in the Technische Universität of München (TUM), as Exchange Student.As Student Member of Tongji-Aalto Innovation Gardens Workshop I designed the wall of “College of Design and Innovation” and also the rooftop garden of Finland Design Home.In October 2013 I was Volunteer of Nordic Design and Innovation Week in Shanghai (interpret, install the exhibition).


“ITAD Italy-China Cultural Synergy” Powered by Pecha Kucha – 25 January 2014 at 6.00pm (location : Santa Lucia dei Filippini, Largo Argentina. Entrance: Via delle Botteghe Oscure 42 Rome, Italy).

A Powered by Pecha Kucha event will take place as a special edition for ITAD. PechaKucha (Japanese: ペチャクチャ, chit-chat) is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. The format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, powers multiple-speaker events called PechaKucha Nights. These events began in February 2003 by Tokyo’s Klein-Dytham Architecture, as a way to attract people and to allow young designers to meet, show their work, and exchange ideas. As of June 2012, PechaKucha Nights were held in 534 cities worldwide. Well-known presenters at PechaKucha Nights have included the architects Jun Aoki, Toyo Ito,Rem Koolhaas, designers such as Tom Dixon, Ron Arad and Thomas Heatherwick. However, the success of each presentation relies purely on the presenter’s personality and the strength of her or his ideas; the format places young designers and students on the same footing as global stars.

Please check the official website to view the event:  pechakucha.org



All talented students and young professionals are invited to apply and submit their materials for this unique event.
Please send your presentation, short biography and picture to: pechakucha@itad.it before the 8th December 2013.
Once selected, your profile will be published both on ITAD official website and on Pecha Kucha Powered by events.


For any further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

This will be a great opportunity to meet Italian and Chinese designers, to present your work to a wider platform and to make new friends!